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LEBANON / Lana Daher’s “Do You Love Me” wins the Sundance Documentary Fund

Do you love me

“Do You Love Me” wins the Sundance Documentary Fund to finance its production. In 2019 the film received the Robert Bosch Stiftung Film Award as well as development funding from the IDFA Bertha Fund and the Doha Film Institute. The feature film is a “kind of visual patchwork” made up of archives, both of the …

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LEBANON / The 3rd “Girls for Change” closes

Girls For Change

Organized by the Beirut Film Society, the 3rd “Girls for Change” has now closed. The programme is part of “Li Beirut” (For Beirut), an international initiative launched by UNESCO in the aftermath of the explosions in the capital’s port on August 27th 2020. The 3-month training programme has enabled 100 young girls from Beirut’s battered suburbs to …

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SWITZERLAND / Lebanon guest of honour of the 16th International Oriental Film Festival of Geneva

16e Fifog

The International Oriental Film Festival of Geneva (Fifog) honours Lebanon for its 16th edition, which runs from June 21st to 27th. Lebanese writer, journalist and activist Joumana Haddad will be honorary president. “Hope … a little, a lot, passionately” The central theme of this year’s rich programme is hope. There are two competitions, one for features, another …

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LEBANON / “Alephia 2053”, the first animated futuristic thriller from the Arab world

Alephia 2053

Posted on March 21st on the YouTube, “Alephia 2053”, is the first animated thriller in Arabic. Created by the Lebanese production company Spring Communications, the film is available free, with the option of English subtitles, and has already accrued over 8 million views. “A futurist vision for the generations to come” Claiming to be apolitical, the …

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LEBANON / 3rd edition of «Girls for Change » organised in Beirut

Girls for Change 2021

The Beirut Film Society (BFS) is organizing its 3rd training programme “Girls for Change”, to teach and empower 100 young women from refugee communities and Lebanese host communities. “Girls for Change” enables the young women to learn and use audiovisual skills to express their thoughts, emotions and hopes for the future. Launched in 2018 in …

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LEBANON / “Sarde After Dinner”, the podcast to discuss the situation in Lebanon without taboos

Sarde After Dinner

“Sarde After Dinner” is the Lebanese podcast that dares. Its two creators discuss the important issues tearing the Lebanon apart with unprecedented freedom of expression. The idea came out of a meeting between audiovisual enthusiast Mouin Jaber and Médéa Azouri, a columnist for the Lebanese daily L’Orient le Jour, and their shared desire to reach out …

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LEBANON FRANCE / Launch of “NAFAS”, a programme to support Lebanese artists


The Institut français, the Association des Centres Culturels de Rencontre (ACCR) and the French Institute in the Lebanon have joined forces to offer residencies in France to 100 Lebanese working professionally in the creative sectors. Co-financed by the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Culture, “NAFAS”, as the emergency programme is called (“breath” in …

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