applicationsWelcome to the page dedicated to the current calls for applications concerning festivals, writing workshops, productions, co-productions, co-funding in the Mediterranean. This list is updated monthly by our editorial staff and offers you a selection of the most important calls.

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FEBRUARYFebruary 28th 2024JI.HLAVA International Documentary Festival
Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival (Ji.hlava IDFF) is a leading European documentary festival and the largest event of its kind in Central and Eastern Europe.
- February 28th, 2024 | films completed in 2023
- April 30th, 2024 | films completed in 2023 and premiered before April 30th, 2024
- June 30th, 2024 | for rough cuts and films that have not yet had a festival world premiere
When: October 25th to 3rd November 2024
Where: Jihlava, Czech Republic
Website : click here
February 29th 2024Festival of Migrant Film
Films whose subject is related to the right of asylum, migration and refugees.
When: September 23rd to 26th 2024
Where: Ljubljana and other Slovenian cities
Website: click here
February 29th 2024Festival de Cinéma Africain-FCAT
Films made by African-e-s and/or diaspora filmmakers.
When: May 24th to June 1st 2024
Where: Sevilla, Spain
Website: click here
February 29th 2024 International Alexandria Short Film Festival
Short films, produced between 2021 and 2024, with a maximum duration of 20 minutes.
When: June 20th to 30th 2024
Where: Alexandria, Greece
Website: click here
February 29th 2024Documed - Festival du cinéma documentaire méditerranéen
Documentary from Mediterranean countries produced after January 1st 2022.
Where: Tunis, Tunisie
Site Internet: click here
MARCHMarch 1st 2024Sheffield Doc Fest
This festival is interested in questioning the boundaries of documentary and expanding them. They accept non-fiction projects of all lengths and formats.
When: June 12th to 17th 2024
Where: Sheffield, United Kingdoms
Website: click here
March 4th 2024 FEST - New Directors New Films Festival
Feature films (minimum length is 55 minutes) of fiction and documentaries by directors who are in their first or second production, regardless of age.
Short films (production up to 54 minutes) of fiction, documentary, animation and experimental cinema, made by directors aged 35 years or less at the end of production.
When: June 14th to July 1st 2024
Where: Espinho, Portugal
Website: click here
March 5th 2024 The North Africa Cultural Program (NACP)
The North Africa Cultural Program (NACP) | Cycle II is a four-year program (2024-2027) dedicated to five countries in North Africa - namely Algeria, Egypt, Libya, Morocco, and Tunisia - and comprises two support schemes, a National Cultural Opportunities Fund, and a Regional Competitive Creativity Fund.
Website: click here
March 5th 2024 SiciliAmbiente Film Festival
Documentaries of more than 30 minutes, Feature films of more than 70 minutes, Short films of less than 30 minutes.
When: July 15-20, 2024
Where: San Vito Lo Capo, Italy
Website: click here
March 8th 2024 Cannes - Semaine de la Critique
Eligibility requirements for feature films: to be the director's first or second film longer than 59 minutes.
Short and featuer films must have been completed within the 12 months prior to the date of the Festival.
When: Mai 15th to 23rd, 2024
Where: Cannes, France
Website: click here
March 8th 2024 CNA : Aide aux cinémas du monde
ACM Distribution is a fund intended to support and promote the distribution and international circulation of films co-produced between a European country and a non-European country.
Website: click here
March 14th 2024 ACID Cannes 2024
Feature films (fiction and documentaries running time 60 minutes minimum).
When: from May 15th to May 26th, 2024
Where: Cannes, France
Website : click here
March 14th 2024Athens Short Film Festival
Short film competition. Films submitted must be no longer than 30 minutes in length.
When: August 30th 2024
Where: Athens, Greece
Website: click here
March 14th 2024 Eurodoc Med
Training of producers and directors based in one of the Mediterranean countries and realization of a documentary project in development.
When: May 20-24 2024
Where: Ajaccio, France
Website: click here
March 14th 2024 Sunny Side of the Doc
Looking for partners and funding for your next documentary? Submit your project to the Sunny Side of the Doc pitch sessions and join one of the most important markets in documentary and storytelling.
When: June 24th to 27th 2024
Where: La Rochelle, France
Website: click here
March 14th 2024Bucharest Short Film Festival
The festival celebrates independent short film directors from around the world.
The films, made in the last 5 years, must not exceed 30 minutes.
When: May 25th to 31st 2024
Where: Bucarest, Roumanie
Website: cliquez ici
March 15th 2024FID Marseille
Films produced in 2024
Short films : under 60 minutes
Feature films : films from 60 minutes in length
When : July 2024
Where : Marseilles, France
Website: click here
March 15th 2024 Animafest Zagreb
Feature Film Competition
When: June 3rd to 8th, 2024
Where: Zagreb, Croatia
Website: click here
March 15th 2024 Festival d’Annecy
Feature films lasting more than 60 minutes.
When: June 2024
Where: Annecy, France
Website: click here
March 15th 2024 Sole Luna Doc Film Festival
Documentaries of any length, produced after the January 1st 2022 which tell stories of the world of today and yesterday, human experiences of jouneys and contacts, urban and rural contexts, violations of human and land rights, concrete examples or proposals for solutions to environmental and humanitarian crises.
When: July 2024
Where: Palermo, Italia
Website : click here
March 15th 2024 Cryptshow
Fantasy short films, less than 25 minutes long, made after January 2022
When: June 8th to 15th, 2024
Where: Barcelona, Spain
Website: click here
March 15th 2024 Festival Cinémas d'Afrique
Call for films is open to fictions, documentaries, animations, experimentals, virtual realities and of all kinds.
When: August 15-20, 2024
Where: Lausanne, Switzerland
Website: click here
March 18th 2024 CinemaJove - Festival International de Valence
Feature Films: films from 60 minutes in length.
Short Films: films that must not exceed 30 minutes in length (including credits).
Year of production of the works: 2023
When: June 20th to 29th 2024
Where: Valencia, Spain
Website: click here
March 18th 2024International URTI Grand Prix for Author's Documentary
The competition is accessible to any programme presented by a television channel or an audiovisual-related cultural institution/association/organisation.
Website: click here
March 19th 2024 La Quinzaine des cinéastes (ex-Quinzaine des Réalisateurs)
Short films completed in the last 12 months before the festival.
When: May 15-25, 2024
Where: Cannes, France
Website: click here
March 20th 2024 Biografilm Festival
Films (fiction or documentary) of at least 50 minutes, produced after January 1st 2023 and never screened in Italy.
When: June 7th to 17th, 2024
Where: Bologna, Italy
Website: click here
March 30th 2024 La Guarimba
Short films of all kinds and of all nationalities. The maximum permitted length is 30 minutes. Films must have been produced after January 1st 2022
When: August 7th to 12th, 2024
Where: Amantea, Italy
Website: click here
March 31st 2024Festival CinemAmbiente
Italian and international feature-length and short documentaries produced from January 1st 2022 onwards on the theme of the environment.
When: June 4th to 9th 2024
Where: Turin, Italy
Website : click here
March 31st 2024Mediterranean Film Festival
Feature and short films from Mediterranean countries and short and medium length films from Croatia.
When: From June 13rd to 22nd 2024
Where: Split, Croatia
Website: click here
APRILApril 10th 2024Psarokokalo International Short Film Festival
Any type of film less than 40 minutes is eligible.
When: July 2024
Where: Athens, Greece
Website: click here
April 10th 2024Lucania Film Festival
Feature films (120 minutes max) and short films (30 minutes max) of fiction, documentary and animation.
When: August 2024
Where: Matera, Pisticii, Italy
Website: click here
April 14th 2024PriMed – International Festival of Mediterranean Documentary and Reportage
Reportages and documentary films about the Mediterranean produced after January 1st 2023.
When: November-December 2024
Where: Marseille, France
Website: click here
April 15th 2024 Cisterna Film Festival
Any short film produced after January 1st, 2021, and under 20 minutes.
When: 19-21 July 2024
Where: Cisterna di Latina, Italy
Website: click here
April 15th 2024 Bueu International Short Film Festival – FICBUEU 2024
Film produced after January 1, 2022, not exceeding 30 minutes
When: September 7-21, 2024
Where: Bueu (Galicia), Spain
Website: click here
April 15th 2024 Olhares do Mediterraneo – Women’s Film Festival
Documentary, fictional, animated or experimental film produced by a woman (producer, director, screenwriter, editor) who comes or works in a Mediterranean country.
When: 31st October to 7 November 2024
Where: Lisbon, Portugal
Website: click here
April 15th 2024Astra Film Festival
Documentaries above 50 minutes and produced after January 1st, 2023.
When: 20-27 Octobre 2024
Where: Sibiu, Romania
Website: click here
April 22th 2024Festival International du Film Insulaire de Groix
Shorts and feature films shot on an island.
When: August 21st to 25th 2024
Where: Groix, France
Website: click here
April 22nd 2024 Nouvelles Vagues - Festival International du Film de Biarritz
Feature films (fiction, documentary, animation) with a youth theme.
When: June 18th to 23rd 2024
Where: Biarritz, France
Website: click here
April 30th 2024Beyond Borders
The Festival’s objective is to promote the most important documentary productions worldwide that focus on history, culture, politics and other social issues.
When: August 25th to September 2024
Where: Castellorizo island, Greece
Website: click here
April 30th 2024 "Cinema, Human Rights and Advocacy" Summer School
The Summer School in Cinema Human Rights and Advocacy is aimed at professionals wishing to broaden their understanding on the connections between human rights, films, digital media and video advocacy, and learn how to use film as a tool for social change.
When: August 26th to September 4th, 2024
Where: Venice, Italy
Website: click here
April 30th 2024 Film Festival Della Lessinia
We are seeking documentaries, feature-films, shorts and animations with themes related to mountain life, history and traditions.
When: August 23rd to September 1st, 2024
Where: Bosco Chiesanuova, Italy
Website: click here
April 30th 2024Curtas Vila Do Conde
Short and medium-length films produced in 2022 or 2023 with a maximum duration of 60 minutes.
When: July 13 to 21, 2024
Where: Vila do Conde, Portugal
Website: click here
April 30th 2024 Ortigia Film Festival
Three competitions :
A national competition of first and second fiction films by Italian directors.
An international competition of documentaries, and an international competition of short films.
When: July 6th to 13th, 2024
Where: Syracuse, Italy
Website: click here
MAYMay 10th 2024Les Nuits Med
Open to short films:
- products and/or products in a Mediterranean country
- on the initiative of a Mediterranean screenwriter or director
- Address one or more themes related to the Mediterranean
Where: Furiani, France
Website: click here


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