applicationsWelcome to the page dedicated to the current calls for applications concerning festivals, writing workshops, productions, co-productions, co-funding in the Mediterranean. This list is updated monthly by our editorial staff and offers you a selection of the most important calls.

All ads are therefore concentrated in this table. A device that simplifies life and has now become the benchmark of professionals in the Mediterranean audiovisual industry.

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DECEMBERDecember 1st 2022 Your Movie On Tv Festival
Films of all genres (short and long) made after 2015 accepted.
When: January 16th to 22nd 2023
Where: Agropoli, Italy
Website: click here
December 1st 2022Festival du Cinéma européen
Films made in 2021 or 2022 with a maximum duration of 35 minutes and whose producer or director is European.
When: March 31st to April 5th 2023
Where: Lille, France
Website: click here
December 1st 2022ITFS - Stuttgart International Festival of Animated Film
Every animated film, including computer animations and combinations of live-action and animation, which was completed after October 1st, 2021 may be submitted to participate in the ITFS competitions.
When: May 2023
Where: Stuttgart, Germany
Website: click here
December 1st 2022CPH:DOX 2023
The festival is open to films of any duration, VR and AR experiences, and other audiovisual formats.
When: March 15 – 26, 2023
Where: Copenhagen, Denmark
Website: click here
December 8th 2022Thessaloniki Documentary Festival
TDF is among the most important documentary festivals in Europe and an Oscars® documentary feature qualifying festival, celebrating the art of documentary via a rich program of films, events, initiatives and the Agora Doc Market, a lively hub for film professionals.
When: March 2nd to 12th 2023
Where: Thessaloniki, Greece
Website : click here
December 10th 2022IDFA Bertha Fund
Applications to the IDFA Bertha Fund (IBF) can be made in a variety of different funding categories. In all categories, the Fund is looking for films that use strong visual treatments to tell compelling stories and have the potential to reach a global audience.
Website: click here
December 15th 2022 Pluriart Film Festival
Festival of short films. They must have a maximum duration of 15 minutes (including credits).
When: January 31st to February 8th 2023
Where: Padua, Italy
Website: click here
December 20th 2022Cyprus Film Days
International Film Festival. Feature films must be submitted in 2021 or 2022.
When: April 21st to 29th 2023
Where: Nicosia and Limassol, Cyprus
Website: cliquez ici
December 22nd 2022 Visions du réel
The Festival asserts itself in its aspiration to discover
new works and new filmmakers and artists.
• November 7, 2022 for films completed by the end of October 2022
• December 22, 2022 for films completed after the first deadline
When : April 21st to 30th 2023
Where : Nyon, Switzerland
Website : click here
December 23rd 2022 ZagrebDox, International documentary film festival
Documentary films produced after January 2022.
When: March 26th to April 2nd 2023
Where: Zagreb, Croatia
Website: click here
December 31st 2022 Moinho Cine Fest
Festival open to micro and nano films, from 1 minute to 5 minutes. Works must be produced in 2021 or 2022.
When: April 14th to 16th 2023
Where: Custóias, Leça do Balio et Matosinhos, Portugal
Website: click here
December 31st 2022Call for Mediterranean cultural projects
The Marc de Montalembert scholarship supports the realisation of cultural or craft-related projects carried out by young people under the age of 28 in the Mediterranean basin.
Website: click here
December 31st 2022 Ennesimo Film Festival
Maximum 20-minute short films produced since January 1, 2020
When: May 1st to 7th 2023
Where: Modena, Italy
Website: click here
December 31st 2022 Festival international de Valence
Workshops proposing to develop projects in script form. Proposed projects must not have producers. The call is open to feature films, short films, fiction and animated series.
When: 5th to 10th of June, 2023
Where: Valence, France
Website: click here
December 31st 2022Ca' Foscari Short Film Festival
Short films (maximum 30 minutes) made by film or media students after January 1, 2022.
When: March 22nd to 25th, 2023
Où: Venice, Italy
Website: click here
JANUARYJanuary 6th 2023 Series Mania
The festival accepts the first seasons of series or fictional mini-series of all genres and nationalities.
When: March 17 to 24 2023
Where: Lille, France
Website: click here
January 7th 2023Semana de Cine de Medina del Campo
International Short Film Festival.
When: March 3rd to 11th 2023
Where: Medina del Campo, Spain
Website: click here
January 9th 2023 Crossing Europe
European fiction or documentary feature films with a minimum duration of 60 minutes.
When: Avril 26th to May 1st 2023
Where: Linz, Austria
Website: click here
January 9th 2023 Thessaloniki Pitching Forum
Thessaloniki Pitching Forum is the new co-producing and co-financing platform of the TDF for creative and TV documentaries, as well as for new media documentaries (virtual and enhanced reality).
When: March 5th to 9th, 2023
Where : Thessaloniki, Greece
Website: click here
January 12th 2022Docaviv
Short (less than 40 minutes) or feature (more than 40 minutes) documentaries produced in 2020 or 2021 and never aired in Israel.
When: May 11th to 20th 2023
Where: Tel Aviv, Israël
Website: click here
January 15th 2023Festival of Migrant Film
Films whose subject is related to the right of asylum, migration and refugees.
When: June 19th to 22nd 2023
Where: Ljubljana and other Slovenian cities
Website: click here
January 18th 2023 IBIZACINEFEST
Films produced since January 1, 2019, fiction must be more than 60 minutes, and documentaries must be more than 45 minutes.
When: February 17th to March 3rd, 2023
Where: Ibiza, Spain
Website: click here
January 20th 2023VENTURA
VENTURA is an international platform dedicated to directors and producers working on independent films with a strong artistic vision of cinema.
When: from December 2022 to March 2023
Where: Online, Galicia (Spain)
Website: click here
January 20th 2023 FUSE – Film Under Severe
To be eligible, directors must be between the ages of 18 and 29, and films must be less than 20 minutes in length and have been made after January 1, 2021.
When: June 2nd to 4th 2023
Where: Karlovac, Croatie
Website: click here
January 22nd 2023 ECU – The European Independent Film Festival
Open to all films with less than 50% participation by a large studio or television broadcaster
When: April 14th to 16th 2023
Where: Paris, France
Website: click here
January 23rd 2023 Festival européen du court-métrage de Bordeaux
Participation in the festival is open to European short films made after 1 January 2022 and lasting between 5 and 25 minutes.
When: March 16th and 17th 2023
Where: Bordeaux, France
Website: click here
January 26th 2023Dok.incubator
an eight-month long workshop for documentaries in the rough cut stage with ambitions to enter the international market, focusing on editing, distribution and marketing strategy development
When: 3 sessions from April to October 2023
Where: Czech Republic / Slovakia / Sweden
Website: click here
January 29th 2023 Les Mains Gauches
Films less than or equal to 50 minutes in length, directed by queer directors or dealing with feminist perspectives.
When: September 6th to 10th 2023
Where: Marseille, France
Website: click here
January 31st 2023 PREMIER JET
Premier Jet is open to the first documentary films in the course of writing and/or directing, giving priority to original writing proposals, whatever the subject, genre and form.
When: March 2, 2023
Where: Marseille, France
Website: click here
FEBRUARYFebruary 1st 2023 Animafest Zagreb
All short and feature animated films as well as VR projects completed after 1 January 2022 are eligible to apply.
When: June 5th to 10th, 2023
Where: Zagreb, Croatia
Website: click here
February 6th 2023 Pitchs Mifa
Projects for short films, feature films, series and digital experiments in development. Whatever the nature of the project, it must be based on a minimum of 50% animation.
When: June 13rd to 16th, 2023
Where: Annecy, France
Website: click here
February 10th 2023Trento Film Festival
Films dealing with mountains, adventure and exploration.
Submission deadline is January 10th, 2023 for films released in 2021 and 2022.
Submission deadline is February 10th, 2023 for films released in 2023.
When: April 28th to May 7th, 2023
Where: Trento, Italy
Website: click here
February 15th 2023 Festival d’Annecy
Short films, graduation films, commissioned films or television films completed after January 1st 2022.
When: June 12nd to 17th, 2023
Where: Annecy, France
Website: click here
February 17th 2023Doc Cévennes
International documentary festival
When: May 17th to 20th 2023
Where: Lasalle, France
Website: click here
February 19th 2023 Très Court International Film Festival
Films less than 4 minutes long
When: June 2nd to 11th, 2023
Where: Paris, France
Website: click here
February 25th 2023Coup de pouce - FIGRA 2023
Submit your documentary film project or reportage and meet producers during the festival.
When: From 30th May to 4th June 2023
Where : Douai, France
To submit : click here
MARCHMarch 3rd 2023Sheffield Doc Fest
This festival is interested in questioning the boundaries of documentary and expanding them. They accept non-fiction projects of all lengths and formats.
When: June 14th to 19th 2023
Where: Sheffield, United Kingdoms
Website: click here
March 3rd 2023 La Quinzaine des cinéastes (ex-Quinzaine des Réalisateurs)
Short films completed in the last 12 months before the festival.
When: May 16-27, 2023
Where: Cannes, France
Website: click here
March 15th 2023Play-Doc 2023
Festival international du film documentaire.
When: April 26th to May 1st 2023
Where: Tui, Espagne
Website: click here
March 15th 2023 Festival d’Annecy
Feature films lasting more than 60 minutes and completed after January 1st, 2022.
When: June 12rd to 17th, 2023
Where: Annecy, France
Website: click here
March 19th 2023 FEST - New Directors New Films Festival
Feature films (minimum length is 55 minutes) of fiction and documentaries by directors who are in their first or second production, regardless of age.
Short films (production up to 54 minutes) of fiction, documentary, animation and experimental cinema, made by directors aged 35 years or less at the end of production.
When: June 19th to 26th, 2022
Where: Espinho, Portugal
Website: click here
March 20th 2023 Cryptshow
Fantasy short films, less than 25 minutes long, made after January 2021
When: June 8th to 18th, 2023
Where: Barcelona, Spain
Website: click here
March 24th 2023 La Quinzaine des cinéastes (ex-Quinzaine des Réalisateurs)
Feature films completed in the last 12 months before the festival.
When: May 16-27, 2023
Where: Cannes, France
Website: click here
March 29th 2023 Manlleu Film Festival
Short film (fiction, non-fiction, animation and experimental) of less than 25 minutes, produced after January 1st, 2021
When: July 11th to 16th, 2023
Where: Barcelona, Spain
Website: click here
March 30th 2023 La Guarimba
Short films of all kinds and of all nationalities. The maximum permitted length is 30 minutes. Films must have been produced after January 1st 2021.
When: August 7th to 12th, 2023
Where: Amantea, Italy
Website: click here
APRILApril 10th 2023Psarokokalo International Short Film Festival
Any type of film less than 40 minutes is eligible.
When: June 3rd to 8th 2023
Where: Athens, Greece
Website: click here
MAYMay 10th 2023 DokuFest
Registration for the Festival is open to short and feature-length documentaries, fiction, animation and experimental short films. The duration of short films is limited to 30 minutes and that of short documentaries to 40 minutes. There is no time limit for feature-length documentaries.
When: August 4th to 12th, 2023
Where: Prizren, Kosovo
Website: click here
Submission: click here
JUNEJune 1st 2023 Elba Film Festival
Courts-métrages (30 minutes ou moins) de n’importe quel genre produits entre 2019 et 2022.
Quand: du 14 au 18 septembre 2023
Où: Marciana Marina, Italie
Site Internet: cliquez ici


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