TUNISIA / Madame Prod launches a project call to women directors

Madame Prod

Madame Prod has launched a project call for women directors needing finance for their first feature. Madame Prod and “Le cinéma au féminin” Created in 2019 by Franco-Tunisian film-maker Ismahane Lahmar, Madame Prod defines itself as “an audiovisual production entity with social and unifying values.” Supported by the Drosos Foundation, the Goethe-Institut and the Institut Français de Tunisie, Madame …

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LEBANON / Lana Daher’s “Do You Love Me” wins the Sundance Documentary Fund

Do you love me

“Do You Love Me” wins the Sundance Documentary Fund to finance its production. In 2019 the film received the Robert Bosch Stiftung Film Award as well as development funding from the IDFA Bertha Fund and the Doha Film Institute. The feature film is a “kind of visual patchwork” made up of archives, both of the …

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ALGERIA / The Ministry of Art and Culture organises a documentary film competition

Ministère de la Culture et des Arts Algérien

On June 24th the Ministry of Art and Culture launched a competition for documentary films with the theme “Documentary film…memory and image meet” to document and describe Algeria’s cultural wealth. The competition is open to documentary film-makers of all ages, amateur or professional. There are 3 awards: Best Screenplay, Best Director and Best Documentary. The films …

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ITALY / The new Pixar “Luca” off the Italian Riviera


The new animated film from Pixar, “Luca” takes us to the heart of 1950’s Italy, off the Italian Riviera. In the depths of the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean, Luca and Alberto, two young adolescent merpeople, living in the sea, stung by curiosity, venture onto dry land and take human form to discover the world …

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SWITZERLAND / “Papicha” wins the Golden Fifog for Best Feature


The 16th Festival international du film oriental de Genève (Fifog) was held from June 21st to 27th. “Hope” was this year’s catchword, with the objective of promoting film, diversity and intercultural dialogue in the world through 50 films from 20 different countries. “Papicha” by Franco-Algerian director Mounia Meddour won the competition’s most prestigious award: the Golden Fifog …

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MOROCCO / Filming “The Alchemist”, 2nd largest foreign contract ever signed in the kingdom

The Alchemist

“The Alchemist” is scheduled to begin filming in Morocco this September. The best-selling philosophical tale by Brazilian Paolo Coelho will be adapted by American director Kevin Scott Frakes. Since its publication in 1988 the novel has sold over 100 million copies and has been translated into 56 languages. “The Alchemist” is about “a young Andalusian …

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LEBANON / The 3rd “Girls for Change” closes

Girls For Change

Organized by the Beirut Film Society, the 3rd “Girls for Change” has now closed. The programme is part of “Li Beirut” (For Beirut), an international initiative launched by UNESCO in the aftermath of the explosions in the capital’s port on August 27th 2020. The 3-month training programme has enabled 100 young girls from Beirut’s battered suburbs to …

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