LEBANON / The Emirate group Al Habtoor launches a TV channel in Lebanon

Al Habtoor

As part of their expanding activities, the Emirati group Al Habtoor has announced it is creating a television channel in Lebanon.

Approved by the Lebanese government, the channel will broadcast from Beirut. The group estimates it could create nearly 300 jobs in journalism, production and art. “This venture is more than just broadcasting,” says the group’s founding chairman, Khalaf Ahmad Al Habtoor. “We are dedicated to empowering the local workforce and contributing positively to Lebanon’s economic revival.”

For Al Habtoor, the aim of this new channel is to bring positive thinking to Lebanese viewers: “Our programming is meticulously designed to inspire and motivate not only the youth of Lebanon, but also people worldwide, encouraging them to adopt a positive attitude and pursue their dreams.”

In addition to this channel, the Al Habtoor Group is embarking on the development of a 100,000 m² studio with the aim of creating a dynamic hub for film and television production.

Created in the 1970’s, the Al Habtoor Group is a conglomerate with interests in hospitality, cars, real estate, education and publishing.

Sources: Broadcast News, Campaign Middle East, Al Habtoor

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