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SPAIN / “Caída Libre”, Laura Jou’s 2nd feature

Caída Libre

Having made her first feature Life Without Sara Amat (2019), Spanish director Laura Jou is now in post-production with her second: Caída Libre (Free falling). Produced by Corte y Confección, Suspense Entertainment and Ejercicios de Equilibrio AIE, the film focuses on a national rhythmic gymnastics coach, Marisol. Known for her perfectionism and her rigorous discipline, …

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SPAIN – ITALY / Shooting “Una Ballena”

Una Ballena

For almost 6 weeks Bilbao and its region have been the location for filming Pablo Hernando’s feature Una Ballena The screenplay, written by Hernando, is about a lone contract killer (played by Ingrid García-Jonsson) who is able to disappear without a trace. This power makes her a ruthless professional, but it comes to her from …

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SPAIN / The 20th DocumentaMadrid comes to an end

Documenta Madrid

Organized by the Madrid City Council, the 20th DocumentaMadrid international film festival ran from May 3rd to 7th. Created in 2004, the festival tries to encompass the multiple facets of documentary films by supporting and promoting new film-makers. DocumentaMadrid defines itself as “a window on the world, its conflicts and its dreams.” The International Competition …

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SPAIN / D’A Festival: “Un Sol Radiant” wins the Talents Award

D'A Film Festival

Un Sol Radiant, a feature film made by a Catalan collective, has won the Talents Award, the most prestigious award of the D’A – Barcelona Film Festival. The 13th edition of this international festival took place from March 23rd to April 2nd. The festival’s Talents Competition showcases first and second features by international directors. During …

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SPAIN / Liliana Torres’ 3rd feature “Mamífera”

Distinto Films

Produced by Distinto Films and Edna Cinema, Mamífera is Liliana Torres’ third feature and closes her autobiographical trilogy which started with Family Tour (2013) and What Went Wrong (2021). This film is set at a time when Spanish law required pregnant women to reflect for three days before having an abortion. Lola accidentally becomes pregnant …

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MOROCCO – SPAIN / Spain donates the Gran Teatro Cervantes to Morocco

Grand Théâtre Cervantes

On March 1st 2023, Spain ceded the Gran Teatro Cervantes to the Kingdom of Morocco. Located in the heart of Tangier, this emblematic cultural venue was designed in 1913 by the Spanish architect Diego Jiménez Armstrong. Built by a wealthy Andalusian couple, the theatre became the property of the Spanish state in 1928. With nearly …

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SPAIN / Nick Igea is shooting his first feature “Un paseo por el Borne”

Un paseo por el Borne

Presented in 2014 during Montpellier’s Cinemed Meetings, Nick Igea’s first feature Un paseo por el Borne (A walk through el Born) is currently filming in Palma on Majorca. Co-written by Nick Igea, Elio Quiroga and Zebina Guerra, the film is about a man in his late fifties, Martín (played by Rodolfo Sancho), who has not …

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