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MALTA / The Malta Film Commission creates new partnerships

Malta Film Commission

During the first Mediterrane Film Festival (June 25th–30th), the Malta Film Commission signed a memorandum of understanding with Malta Enterprise and separately with the British Film Commission to develop national and international partnerships. The memorandum signed with Malta Enterprise defines a collaboration framework between the two structures and will strengthen support for the film industry. …

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“Erasmus à Gaza”, winner of the Mediterranean Young Persons’ Award at the 26th PriMed, shown on France 3 Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur

Erasmus a Gaza

For the first time an award-winning film from PriMed has been shown on France 3 Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur. The transmission on May 4th is particularly important since it crowns the work of thousands of high school students from right across the Mediterranean. Coming from Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco, Egypt, Italy and Southern France they viewed …

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MALTA / Launch of Creative Malta, a funding programme

Creative Malta

The Malta Film Commission has announced the launch of Creative Malta, a financing programme aimed at local producers. During the first phase €600,000 will be made available for selected projects. There will be a call for projects which, to simplify the application procedure, will require less documentation at the first stage. The Minister of Tourism, …

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PriMed 2022 / Discover the official selection the 26th edition


The list of films selected for the 26th PriMed – the Festival of the Mediterranean in images – is now available. No less than 22 films, located in nearly 13 countries of the Mediterranean basin, have been chosen in the different categories. This year Annick Cojean (author and senior journalist on Le Monde) will do …

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Malta / The Malta Film Commission increases the rebate on production costs

Malta Film Commission

The Government of Malta is increasing the cash back available for films shot on the island. Until December 31st 2023 international productions will be eligible for a rebate of 40%. Intended for television productions (series and films), feature films, documentaries, animated films and even trans-media works, this cash back offer is capped at €1 million …

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Dans cette page vous pouvez consulter, en ordre chronologique, le calendrier des festivals et marchés euro-méditerranéens attentifs au développement et à la valorisation du genre documentaire. Un regard spécial sur ceux qui s’occupent en particulier de la promotion du film méditerranéen (même s’ils sont basés loin de la Mare Nostrum). Cliquez sur le mois qui …

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MALTA / The European Parliament creates the Caruana Galizia Award

On October 16th the European Parliament organized a live event on its Facebook page with the Parliament’s Vice-President, Heidi Hautala and MEP David Casa. The two politicians were joined by Andrew Caruana Galizia, son of Daphne Caruana Galizia, the Maltese investigative journalist who was murdered in 2017. The purpose of the event was to announce …

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