MALTA / The Malta Film Commission creates new partnerships

Malta Film Commission

During the first Mediterrane Film Festival (June 25th–30th), the Malta Film Commission signed a memorandum of understanding with Malta Enterprise and separately with the British Film Commission to develop national and international partnerships.

The memorandum signed with Malta Enterprise defines a collaboration framework between the two structures and will strengthen support for the film industry. According to the press release, thanks to this agreement Malta Enterprise will mobilize its extensive network of local investors to support the Film Commission’s projects. In return the Commission will provide Malta Enterprise with marketing materials and guaranteed visibility at high-profile events such as Malta Film Week and future editions of the Mediterrane Film Festival.

The Memorandum of Understanding signed with the British Film Commission will strengthen collaboration between the British and Maltese film industries, as well as facilitating high-end film and television productions between the two territories. Johann Grech, Malta Film Commissioner, said that with this memorandum of understanding, “we are not just facilitating productions, we are shaping the future of global storytelling.

Sources: Film New Europe, Malta Film Commission

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