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ITALY / Winners of the MedFilm Festival

MED FF 2022

Each year the MedFilm Festival, Rome’s oldest international film festival, invites audiences to discover the Mediterranean’s many cultures in a programme of drama and documentary films. The 28th edition was held from November 3rd to 13th. During the closing ceremony, the different juries rewarded this year’s best films. Among the works in the Official Competition, …

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ITALY / Laura Luchetti’s Bella Estate completes filming

Kino Produzioni

Director Laura Luchetti has finished shooting her third feature, Bella Estate. Produced by Kino Produzioni, Rai Cinema, Lucky Red and 9.99 Films, the film is an adaptation of Cesare Pavese’s novel of the same name. The Piedmont novelist, who died in 1950, is still one of Italy’s best selling authors. His novels have been adapted …

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Italy / The European Alliance met during MIA at Rome


MIA, the Mercato Internazionale Audiovisio, was held in Rome from October 11th to 15th. Every year this international event hosts meetings for industry professionals, giving them the opportunity to get together and discuss independent film co-productions and other issues around audiovisual production. During one of these discussions the European Alliance announced its new projects. The …

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Italy / Marco Bellocchio shooting his new film, “La Conversione”

Marco Bellocchio

A few weeks after presenting his series Esterno Notte at the Cannes Film Festival, Marco Bellocchio has begun shooting a new film, La Conversione. At 82 the Italian film-maker is working on his 25th feature. For this project, he was inspired by the true story of Edgardo Morara a young Jewish boy who, in 1858, …

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Italy / Creation of a new fund for international co-productions

Logo Roma Lazio Film Commission

After the Sicilian Region’s recent announcement to open an audiovisual fund, it is now the turn of the Roma Lazio Film Commission to create a €10 million fund for foreign film productions. Starting this year, it is planned to continue until 2027. Over this period €70 million will be given out. The fund wants to …

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Italy / New hope for showing films in cinemas


With the arrival of streaming platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime and Disney +, cinemas in Italy and many other countries face stiff competition. The growing number of alternatives gives audiences greater choice. In France for example a mechanism has been created to protect the theatrical exploitation of films. It gives cinemas priority for the films …

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Italy / The Sicilian Film Commission opens a new fund

Logo SFC

Sicily has announced it is opening a new fund for financing films and television productions. The sum allocated for 2022 and 2023 is €10.8 million, which will be administered by the Sicilian Film Commission. Regional administrators hope this new fund will revitalize the island by stimulating employment, local services and tourism. An article in the …

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