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ITALY / Winners of the Final Cut in Venice

Biennal de Venise

Created in 2013 as part of the Venice International Film Festival, Final Cut in Venice is a programme supporting the post-production of films from every African country and five Middle Eastern ones: Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine and Syria. Every year seven films are selected to participate in the three day programme (this year from September …

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TUNISIA / Harga wins the Best Television Series Award at Italy’s Matera Fiction Fest


Directed by Lassaad Oueslati, the Tunisian series Harga won the Targo d’oro at the first Matera Fiction Fest in Italy, which took place from June 1st to 4th. The first edition of this international festival for television series concentrated on productions from Mediterranean countries: Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Italy and France. The organisers hope it will …

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ITALY / The European Film Market focusses on Italy


During the Cannes Film Festival, it was announced that Italy would be the Country in Focus at the next European Film Market (EFM). Held in February alongside the Berlin Film Festival, the European Film Market is one of the three main meeting places for the international film industry. Every year since 2017 the event has …

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SPAIN – ITALY / Shooting “Una Ballena”

Una Ballena

For almost 6 weeks Bilbao and its region have been the location for filming Pablo Hernando’s feature Una Ballena The screenplay, written by Hernando, is about a lone contract killer (played by Ingrid García-Jonsson) who is able to disappear without a trace. This power makes her a ruthless professional, but it comes to her from …

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ITALY / Roberto Sergio appointed head of Rai and Giampaolo Rossi set to be managing director


Following Carlo Fuortes’ resignation, Rai’s board of directors announced in a press release dated May 15th that Roberto Sergio will take over as CEO with immediate effect. Mr. Sergio has said he will appoint Giampaolo Rossi as the company’s managing director. Having graduated in political and communication science, Roberto Sergio joined Rai in 2004. Until …

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ITALY / Carlo Fuortes, Rai’s CEO, resigns

On May 8th, in a letter to the Minister of Economy and Finance, Carlo Fuortes tendered his resignation as head of Italy’s public broadcaster, Rai. In the letter he explains that his departure is due to the pressure exerted on him by Giorgia Meloni’s government. “Since the beginning of 2023,” he explains, “there has been …

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ITALY – PORTUGAL / Filming Miguel Gomes’ new feature

Uma Pedra No Sapato

Portuguese director Miguel Gomes is currently in Italy shooting his new film Grand Tour. The story begins in 1917 in Rangoon, Burma. Edward, a British colonial administrator, runs away from his fiancée, Molly, the day she arrives for their wedding. As he travels, panic gives way to melancholy. Faced with the emptiness of his existence, …

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