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ISRAEL / The minister of Culture wants to end subsidies for “offensive” films


Miki Zohar, a Likud member and current Minister of Culture and Sports, announced on Ynet radio that he wants the state to stop subsidizing films considered “offensive” to the country or its armed forces. “The state,” he explains, “doesn’t have to fund such controversial content.” Without specifying the criteria for defining a film “offensive”, he …

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Morocco – Israel / Bi-lateral co-operation for film production

Haifa Film Festival

During the 38th Haifa Film Festival (October 8th – 17th) there were several meetings between major players from the Moroccan and Israeli audiovisual industries to discuss the challenges of the two countries creating a cooperation agreement on film production. During one of these meetings Yaron Shamir, the artistic director of the Haifa Film Festival, talked …

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Israel / The Jerusalem Film Festival has opened it doors


The 39th Jerusalem Film Festival kicked off on July 21st and will end on July 31st. Triangle of Sadness, this year’s Palme d’or winner at Cannes, opened the festival. Created in 1984, the JFF offers more than 200 films each year. In the words of the festival organisers, “The programme emphasizes bold cinematic achievements, exciting …

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Israel / The Docaviv festival reveals its Israeli selection


Docaviv, Israel’s only festival devoted entirely to documentary films, is scheduled from May 26th to June 5th at the Tel Aviv Cinematheque. The organisers have announced their selection and the opening film. 120 Israeli and international films will be screened during the fortnight. To open the festival there will be a world premiere of The …

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Morocco – Israel / Jérôme Cohen-Olivar announces his new film “Autisto”

Valkyries Productions

Franco-Moroccan director Jérôme Cohen-Olivar has announced he has started casting his next film, Autisto. This is the first co-production between Morocco and Israel, with the United States also participating. The film-maker is particularly happy with this partnership, “having always,” he says, “admired Israeli cinema, its depth, its sensitivity, its subjects.” Autisto is about an Israeli …

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Israel / An Israeli documentary takes another look at the 1948 Tantura massacre

Tantura sous mandat britannique

Shown at the 2022 Sundance Film Festival the documentary Tantura directed by Israeli Alon Schwarz revives the controversy about a massacre in a Palestinian village, Tantura, during the 1948 Arab-Israeli war – a crime allegedly committed by Israeli fighters from the Alexandroni brigade during the night of May 22nd to 23rd. In 1998 Israeli historian …

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Israel / Idan Haguel’s new film has its world première in the Panorama section of the 72nd Berlin Film Festival


Concerned Citizen, Idan Haguel’s second feature film, had its world premiere in the Panorama section of this year’s Berlinale. After his first film, Inertia (2017), also shown at the Berlin Film Festival, Idan Haguel returns with this black comedy. Idan Haguel is an Israeli director, journalist and screenwriter. With Concerned Citizen, he takes us into …

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