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The Arab World / The Lebanese streaming platform Aflamuna presents 15 films financed by AFAC


Since April 28th and until June 1st 2022, 15 films financed by AFAC (Arab Fund for Arts and Culture) are being shown on the video-on-demand platform Aflamuna: 15 years of Arab cinema. Created in 2007, AFAC is an independent foundation helping artists, writers, researchers and intellectuals from the Arab world working on artistic or cultural …

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The Arab World / Netflix and AFAC have awarded 5 Arab women producers and directors


In partnership with the Arab Fund for Arts and Culture (AFAC), Netflix has announced the five Arab women directors and producers who will receive the Netflix Fund for Creative Equity. Created in 2021 this fund “is a dedicated effort to create new opportunities for under-represented communities within entertainment,” according to the Netflix web site. The …

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ARAB WORLD / Ms Marvel is the first Islamic super-hero of the American series

Ms Marvel

“Ms Marvel”, a new mini-series, showcases the first Islamic character of the Marvel comic books. It is the 18th television series in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The six-episode first season is slated to air on Disney + sometime in the summer of 2022. Kamala Khan, the central character, is a teenage Pakistani-American girl living in …

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THE ARAB WORLD / Netflix launches “The Fastest”, first Arab reality TV series

The Fastest

Netflix is ​​launching “The Fastest”, a 6-episode reality TV series about racing drivers – men and women – in the Arab world. The trailer sets the tone: “It’s not only the car. It’s the car, the driver, the setup. It’s everything.” This is the streaming giant’s first-ever unscripted, Arabic-language work. Season 1 shows the drivers …

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THE ARAB WORLD / Shahid, the Arab world’s leading streaming platform, now available in French


The MBC group, the largest media company in the Middle East and North Africa, has added a French interface to its streaming platform Shahid. Already accessible in English and Arabic, the site offers exclusive films and Arabic television channels, including satellite ones broadcast on MBC. There are two options available: Shahid.net, a free offer with …

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ARAB WORLD / Candidate call for the 2021/2022 CLOSE UP programme


CLOSE UP, a Brussels-based not-for-profit organization, puts artists from “broken” societies in touch with others, working to build bridges despite censorship: “passionate, talented and courageous film-makers with a deep understanding of the complexities of their communities […] who shine a light on the most pressing social and political realities.” CLOSE UP invites directors from Afghanistan, …

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ARAB WORLD / MAD Solutions announces the acquisition of 50 films from 13 Arab countries

MAD Solutions

MAD Solutions, the independent Cairo-based pan-Arab studio, has announced it has acquired 50 film projects in various stages of production from 13 countries across the Arab world: Palestine, Egypt, Lebanon, Algeria, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Iraq, Kuwait, Morocco, Tunisia, Qatar and Syria. They include “The Legend of Zeinab and Noah”, first feature by Egyptian director …

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