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FRANCE LEBANON / Unis pour le Liban on France 2

On October 1st France 2 was “United for the Lebanon”. The television channel mobilized its resources to help the Lebanese people after the explosion which devastated Beirut on August 4th. The content of the day’s regional and national news and magazine programmes – subject-matter, opinion pieces and guests – were all focused on this initiative …

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LEBANON / 1st Festival du Film Libanais de France (FFLF)

The first French Festival of Lebanese Film (FFLF) will take place in Paris from October 7th to 11th. The Lincoln Cinema will host the event, if sanitary conditions permit. For this first year the festival’s sponsor is Franco-Lebanese film-maker, Philippe Aractingi. The opening night will be held at the Institut du Monde Arabe with many …

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LEBANON / Sacking Télé-Liban’s provisional CEO

On May 27th, at the request of the Ministry of Information, a court dismissed Talal Makdessi, provisional head of the Lebanese public television station Télé-Liban. Acting-director since July 2013, Mr. Makdessi’s dismissal had nevertheless been anticipated for several months, after a serious internal conflict between Mr Makdessi and his editor-in-chief. A procedure to appoint a …

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Lebanon – France / Cooperation between INA and the Lebanese public broadcaster


On April 8th the Lebanese Ministry of Information, the French Embassy in Beirut, the management of Télé-Liban and France’s Institut national de l’audiovisuel (INA) signed a cooperation agreement to preserve the Lebanese broadcasting archives. This partnership, called “Safeguarding, digitizing and enhancing media heritage”, is part of a solidarity fund for innovative projects. Financed to the …

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Lebanon / Project to re-open a theatre and cinema in Tripoli

Logo Tiro

With the help of his NGO Tiro for Arts, Lebanese actor/director Kassem Istanbouli is restoring Tripoli’s Empire Cinema. Dating from the 1940’s the Empire is the last cinema still standing in Tell Square – where there used to be five. It has been closed since 1988. Even though Tripoli is the Lebanon’s second largest city …

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LEBANON / The Lebanese series “Beirut 6:07” nominated for the International Emmy Awards

Beyrouth 6:07

A series of fifteen short films, “Beirut 6:07” traces the story of the double explosion in Beirut’s port on August 4th 2020, causing several hundred deaths, injuring thousands, and destroying several entire districts of the city. The production employed 15 Lebanese directors, a team of 100 and 5 post-production units. Among the 15 directors were …

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FRANCE LEBANON / Audrey Diwan’s “L’Évènement” wins the Golden Lion for Best Film at the 78th Venice Film Festival


“L’Évènement” (Happening), a film by French-Lebanese director Audrey Diwan, has won the Golden Lion, Venice Film Festival’s highest prize. Adapted from Annie Ernaux’ autobiographical novel published in 2000, it looks at the issue of illegal abortions in France in the 1960’s. Set in 1963, 12 years before the law forbidding abortions changed, the story follows …

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