Tunisia / 4th “Cinéma au Musée”

The fourth “Cinéma au Musée” took place between September 13th to 16th at the Archaeological Museum in Sousse. Tunisian and foreign films were screened, with audiences able to enjoy them for free. The festival is run by Mohamed Challouf, chairman of “Afrique-Méditerranée”. The Centre National du Cinéma et de l’Image is one of the event’s …

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Italy / 70th Prix Italia on Capri

prix italia 2018

The 70th Prix Italia will be held in Capri from September 25th to 29th. When it was created in 1948, the awards were only for radio programmes, opening out to television in 1957. The Prix has a unique structure: the General Assembly, made up of its international members, makes the decisions while RAI organises the …

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Jordan / 30th European Film Festival in Amman

The European Film Festival is taking place in the Jordanian capital from September 19th to 29th. Created by the European Union, in partnership with the Jordanian Royal Film Commission, the Ministry of Culture and the Tourist Board, together with the Municipality of Amman, the festival will be screening 19 European films. Also on the programme …

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Turkey / A film festival at Ayvalık organised by Başka Sinema

ayvalik film festival

To celebrate its fifth anniversary, Başka Sinema, a Turkish independent film distributor, is organising a festival on the Aegean coast from October 5th to 10th. The festival director is Azize Tan, who has run the distribution company since 2016. He has also supervised the Istanbul Film Festival for almost ten years. There will be public …

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Spain / €100,000 allocated for broadcasting production in the Balearic islands

drapeau baléares

On September 3rd the Ministries of Tourism and of Culture signed an agreement to work together to make the archipelago attractive for filming. €100,000 has been allocated to support broadcasting production. The agreement was signed by Bel Busquets, vice-president of the Balearic Islands’ government and regional minister for innovation, research and tourism, and Fanny Tur, …

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Tunisia / Preserving film archives a key issue at a symposia in Hergla

cinéma hergla

For the past 13 years a cultural association, Afrique Méditerranée, has organised an annual film conference in the small coastal town of Hergla. This year it was held from August 25th to 28th, and at one of the round tables the association presented representatives of Tunisian broadcasting with guide-lines on how to preserve the country’s …

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Kosovo / The Film Center’s budget explodes

kosovo cinema center

The Kosovar Film Center (KCC) is investing in the country’s film production, supporting 28 film projects this year with a combined budget of nearly 1.5 million euros. The Minister of Culture, Youth and Sport has promised funding for the KCC, announcing his office will double existing grants from €600,000 to €1.2 million. Until now, 18 …

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