Turkey / 11th TRT International Documentary Awards

TRT Awards

Turkish Public Television (TRT) has announced its 11th International Documentary Awards. Supporting both amateur and professional documentary film-makers, the festival helps develop the documentary genre. It also gives audiences the chance to see high quality international documentaries. The festival’s long term aim is to become an event where film-makers from all over the world come …

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Greece / The Hellenic Broadcasting Corporation is financing co-productions


The Hellenic Broadcasting Corporation (ERT), the state-owned Greek radio and television corporation, will help finance 21 new co-productions, both Greek and international. This funding is the first of a series of investments decided by the new board of directors, who replaced the previous board which resigned only a day after the opening of Thessalonika International …

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Lebanon / 12th NDU International Film Festival


The 12th International Film Festival of NDU University took place from November 25th to December 2nd. Located 12 kilometres north of Beirut, in Zouk Mosbeh, and founded in 2007, this festival of short films remained faithful to its original theme: “The power of youth” – promoting young directors by showing their films to a wider …

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France / Rendez-vous in Marseille for the 22nd PriMed !

PriMed 2018

PriMed, the Festival of the Mediterranean in images, is celebrating its 22nd year in Marseille. Nearly 40 hours of free public screenings for cinema-goers in Marseille, with 25 films in competition.   Created in 1994 and organized by the Centre Méditerranéen de la Communication Audiovisuelle (CMCA), the PriMed (Prix International du Documentaire et du Reportage …

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Morocco / 2M launches “Africa Women Experts”, a digital platform for women


On November 5th the “Parity and Diversity” committee of the Moroccan channel 2M announced the launch of the first digital platform for professional African women. Khadija Boujanoui, chair of the committee, said the ambition of this “constructive interaction platform [is] to create a dialogue between well-qualified women on the African continent,” adding that the goal …

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Tunisia / Creation of Doc House, a structure for documentaries in Tunisia

Soumaya Bouallegui

Doc House, an independent organisation for encouraging and promoting documentaries in Tunisia and North Africa, was opened at the end of October by a group of Tunisian directors and academicians. Soumaya Bouallegui, a film director and Doc House’ executive director, said the goal is to encourage both the distribution of documentaries and networking among professionals. …

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Albania / Launch of Euronews Albania

Euronews Albania

On Monday, November 5th Euronews announced the launch of its first franchise, in Albania. The French group, founded in 1993 and based in Lyon, has teamed up with IN Media Group to launch “Euronews Albania”. As of next year, Euronews Albania will be offering television content and digital media targeted at Albanian-speaking viewers and Internet …

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