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Like many countries, Spain is having to live with a period of confinement, which includes closing its cinemas. As a consequence a Spanish distribution and production company, A Contracorriente Films, may be forced to postpone several of its films.

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To prevent total disruption to its schedules, A Contracorriente Films has decided to preview four of its films on their original release dates, creating a virtual cinema online so the public can watch these new films.

And so Salavirtualdecine hosted Phil Grabsky’s documentary La Pasión en el arte on April 6th. Lorcan Finnegan’s Vivarium went online on April 8th and Ordinary Happiness by Daniele Luchetti on April 10th. Finally on April 17th it will be the turn of La vie scolaire by Grand Corps Malade and Mehdi Idir. By paying the normal price of a cinema ticket (€6.95 in Spain), anyone can enjoy the selected film, which will be available on four players for 72 hours. The platform has developed its own app compatible with different operating systems.

Eduardo Escudero, commercial director of A Contracorriente Films, said that “this virtual cinema will help alleviate the problem of a bottleneck for our releases. We have these four films and we’ll start working on others over the coming months. This initiative emerged from our work as exhibitors, it’s designed for the cinemas we manage. We’re planning to offer it to any cinema which wants to join us: we have already offered it to other exhibitors and are in talks with them. As yet no one has said No. Because the whole point of this virtual cinema is to show solidarity between cinemas. We’ve had calls from several distributors as well.”

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