ROMANIA / Emanuel Pârvu’s “Three kilometres to the End of the World” at Cannes

Trois kilomètres jusqu'à la fin du monde
Trois kilomètres jusqu’à la fin du monde d’Emanuel Pârvu

Soon after it announced its Official Selection, the Cannes Film Festival added some new films to the list. Among them is the third feature by director and actor Emanuel Pârvu, Three Kilometres to the End of the World.

Co-scripted by Pârvu and Miruna Berescu, the film is about 17-year-old Adi, who comes from a remote village in the Danube Delta. Thanks to his parents’ financial sacrifice, Adi studies in the nearby town of Tulcea, but the unconditional love the boy expects from his father is denied him when his parents learn of his homosexuality.

Emanuel Pârvu began his career as a film and theatre actor. He made his name in Romanian new wave films such as the collective work Tales of the Golden Age (2009) and more recently Cristian Mungiu’s Graduation (2016). He is also a theatre director.

Produced by FAMart Association, the film will be distributed in France by Memento.

Sources: Cineuropa, Film New Europe, IFFR

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