ROMANIA / Călin Peter Netzer’s “Familiar” starts post-production


Produced by Parada Film, in co-production with Cinema DeFacto and Gaijin (France) and Volos Films (Taiwan), Călin Peter Netzer is starting the post-production of his 4th feature, Familiar.

Written by Netzer and Iulia Lumânare, the film is about a Romanian film-director in his forties (played by Emanuel Pârvu) who is starting work on a film about his family emigrating to Germany in the 1980’s. Because their departure now seems suspicious, he decides to dig deeper, with the help of his former girlfriend (played by Iulia Lumânare) – until he discovers events linking his family to the secret services.

In a press release the director explains that the film “is constructed with the meticulousness of a police investigation. Using the present as a tool to make the past intelligible, my main character instinctively re-enacts the past, recreating the love triangle his parents once formed and which lead to a never-reconciled disruption of the family. Familiar is a complex story about our deep search for identity and truth.”

Călin Peter Netzer directed his first feature Maria in 2003, which won the Grand Prix at the Locarno Film Festival and the two principal actors won Best Actor and Actress. Ten years later he became the first Romanian to win the Berlinale Golden Bear with Child’s Pose.

Sources: Film New Europe, Cineuropa

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