MOROCCO / 2M and RTBF sign a partnership agreement

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On May 10th RTBF, the French-language arm of the Belgian public broadcaster, and 2M signed an agreement to consolidate their partnership.

Signed by Faycal Laaraichi, CEO of Morocco’s public broadcaster and Soread 2M and by Jean-Paul Philippot, RTBF’s General Administrator, with Morocco’s Minister of Youth, Culture and Communication, Mohamed Mehdi Bensaid overseeing, this agreement covers documentary co-production, training and shared technical information as well as collaboration on common social and cultural projects.

After the signing in Casablanca, 2M’s general manager Salim Cheikh declared that “through our respective media, we want Belgians to know Morocco better and Moroccans to know Belgium better.

Sources: 2M, Info Maroc, Yabiladi

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