CYPRUS / Industry Days maintained

The organisers of the 18th Cyprus Film Days International Festival had created a new event for this year: the Industry Days Planned to take place from April 3rd to 11th, the main festival had to be postponed because of the coronavirus pandemic. However, the Industry Days were maintained and happened online from April 9th to 11th.

Industry Days

The event encourages artistic and financial collaborations, and by doing so helps the development of film-making in Cyprus. The director of was Cypriot film-maker Danae Stylianou.

Following the call for films at the start of the year, the organizers selected six feature film projects in development. During online meetings, producers, directors and screenwriters presented their projects to industry professionals from across the world. The feature films competed for three awards: the Agora Networking Award, an award offered by Full Moon Productions and a third by the Directors Guild of Cyprus.

The six projects selected were all Mediterranean films :

The First Cypriot Astronaut by Cypriot scriptwriter Stavros Pamballis, produced by Iron Box Films (UK) and Nostoi Pictures (UK).
Four Days at the Sea by Ivana Škrabalo (Croatia), produced by Dinaridi Film (Croatia).
Seeking Haven for Mr. Rambo by Khaled Mansour (Egypt), produced by Patchwork Productions (France).
Souvenir by Thanos Psichogios (Greece), produced by Bad Crowd (Greece).
The Three of Us by Suela Bako (Albania), produced by Erafilm (Lithuania).
Visa by Dima Al-Joundi (Lebanon), produced by Cinetelefilms (Tunisia) and Crystal Films (Lebanon).

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