CROATIA / HRT adapts the Norwegian series “Skam”


First broadcast in 2015 in Norway, NRK’s series Skam will be adapted in Croatia by HRT.

After numerous adaptations in France, Spain, the Netherlands, the United States and Belgium, the series will be launched in Croatia next autumn on HRT1. The series follows a group of teenagers, with a different main character for each season.

About this adaptation written by Hana Jušić and Nikica Zdunić, producer Bruno Mustić says: “In adapting the series for Croatian viewers we have introduced a character from the Roma community, showing our commitment to diversity. We also embrace the digital age by showing how today’s teens interact with content and with each other online. This modern approach impacts not only our narrative but also our distribution, using digital platforms and social media so that every teen feels recognized and included.”

Sources: Film New Europe, TBI, Variety

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