ALGERIA / Making a film about the life of Youcef Zighoud

Youcef Zighoud
Youcef Zighoud

The town of Mila’s old quarter has been chosen for shooting some of the film about Youssef Zighoud, fighter and leader of the National Liberation Front (FLN).

Produced by the Ministry of War Veterans (which protects and promotes Algerian Revolution veterans) and directed by Mounès Khamar, the announcement of this bio-pic comes as part of the commemoration of the August 1955 massacres north of Constantine. The film retraces these events as well as the lives of Youcef Zighoud’s comrades in arms: Didouche Mourad, Colonel Ali Kafi and the activist Lakhdar Bentobal.

The production chose Mila and its old town because “Mila’s old town has the advantage that many areas have been preserved and correspond to the needs of this historical film” according to Alaeddine Gouami, head of the Centre national cinématographique.Mila’s landscapes” he added“are similar to the town where Youcef Zighoud was born.

Sources: Arab News, El Watan

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