MOROCCO / Douad Aoulad-Syad filming “Marja Zarga”

Assa City Skyview
Assa City Skyview, Panegyrics of Granovetter

Director and photographer, Daoud Oulad Sayed, will shoot his next film, Marja Zarga (Blue Lagoon), in the province of Assa-Zag.

Located on the border of Western Sahara, the region is mainly rural and desert, elements which attract the director because it “presents an atypical space for filming with amazing natural qualities”.

Co-written by Daoud Oulad Sayed, Majid Seddati and El Houcein Chani, the setting contributes to the story which traces the relationship between a grandfather and his blind grandson. The old man “tells him everything about this lagoon – its history and environmental and social value, as well as everything that happens in the desert”, says the director. He defines his film as “a work with a human, metaphysical and philosophical dimension.”

As a student in France, Daoud Oulad Sayed discovered cinema during the 1989 Fémis Summer University. Between then and 1995 he made several short films, including the documentary Mémoire Ocre. In 1998 he made his first feature, Adieu Forain, about a young transvestite dancer criss-crossing southern Morocco in the company of a showman. Daoud Oulad Sayed has also published several photographic books, Marocains (1989), Boujaad, Espace et mémoire (1996) and Territoires de l’instant (2000) with Ahmed Bouanani.

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