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PORTUGAL / «918 Gau» wins the International Competition of the 19th DocsLisboa

918 Gau

After its world premiere during the DocsLisboa festival, Arantza Santesteban’s “918 Gau” (918 Nights) won the event’s most prestigious award: the City of Lisbon Award for Best Film in International Competition. 10 years after her release from prison, the Spanish director has recreated the circumstances of her arrest in a first person narrative: “On October …

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PORTUGAL / “Contado por mulheres”, filming starts for ten films made by ten well-known women directors

Contado por Mulheres

“Contado por mulheres” (Told By Women) is a series of ten Portuguese literary works adapted as films for television by ten female film-makers. Ten stories to make people weep, laugh and talk about the tragedies of the past and challenges of today. The films will be shot between April and August in ten towns in …

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PORTUGAL / Co-production agreements signed with Morocco and Israel

Portugal has signed separate agreements with Morocco and Israel to develop co-productions, improve each country’s broadcast offer and strengthen their cultural ties. The agreement signed with Israel applies to films of all kinds and any length. Both co-producing countries have to bring a minimum of 20% of the film’s total budget. This contribution is capped …

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PORTUGAL / Easing of taxes for productions in Portugal

A new system of tax relief has come into force in Portugal, intended for film productions with budgets of one million euros or more. Domestic productions, official co-productions and foreign productions (foreign executive productions) can all take advantage of this tax-rebate. Depending on the size of the production, the rebate will be between 20% and …

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PORTUGAL / Launch of the TraceToca channel in Portugal

TraceToca is a Portuguese-language music channel specializing in Afro-Portuguese music in Angola and Mozambique. It was launched in Portugal on February 13th, exclusively on MEO (Portugal Telecom). Subscribers to MEObox, ADSL or Fibre, will be able to access TraceToca within Portugal. The channel has been available on SFR numéricable since June 2015 and on Free …

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PORTUGAL / A greater choice in broadcasting

Portugal is a country where the choice of what to watch on television is not great. Where France has 25 free channels with TNT, Portuguese viewers have only five operators to choose from: RTP1, RTP2 , SIC, TVI and ARTV.

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ITALY SPAIN PORTUGAL / Netflix arrives

Italy-Spain-Portugal / Netflix arrives The giant American video-on-demand provider, available since September 2014 in France and in more than 50 countries including 13 in Europe, is expanding its services to three new countries. In Spain Netflix will launch its platform on October 20th, in Portugal on October 21st and in Italy on October 22nd. An …

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