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CROATIA – EGYPT / The Egyptian film “Voy! Voy! Voy!” major winner at the Split Mediterranean Film Festival

Voy! Voy! Voy!

As part of the 17th Split Mediterranean Film Festival (June 13th – 22nd), the Egyptian Voy! Voy!Voy! won the Best Feature Film Award and the Jury Award. Directed and written by Omar Hilal, the film is about a security guard desperate to leave Egypt. Discovering blind football, he fakes blindness so he can get on …

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EGYPT / CINEGOUNA x O WEST: new project for the El Gouna Film Festival


On June 9th and 10th the El Gouna Film Festival joined forces with Orsacom Development’s new town on the outskirts of Cairo, O West, to organise CINEGOUNA x O WEST. The event created a dynamic hub for workshops, masterclasses, round tables and networking opportunities in this newly developed residential suburb. The aim was to support …

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EGYPT / The documentary “The Brink of Dreams ” wins the Golden Eye at Cannes

Les Filles du Nil

The Egyptian documentary The Brink of Dreams directed by Nada Riyadh and Ayman El Amir won the Golden Eye at the 77th Cannes Film Festival. Filmed over 4 years, the film follows a group of Coptic girls from a village in southern Egypt who rebel by forming a street theatre group. Dreaming of becoming actresses, …

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EGYPT / The al-Ahram studios devastated by a fire

Drapeau Egypte

On the night of March 15th to March 16th a fire broke out in Cairo’s historic al-Ahram studios. Spotted after the filming of a Ramadan soap opera, the fire ravaged the entire studio and spread to neighbouring buildings and dwellings. According to Al-Ahram Hebdo, the public prosecutor’s office has appointed a group of experts to …

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EGYPT / First international screening of “60 Egyptian Pounds”

60 Egyptian Pounds

Amr Salama’s short film 60 Egyptian Pounds received its first international showing at the Friborg International Film Festival (March 15th – 25th). “60 Egyptian Pounds” is about an aspiring rapper, Ziad, and his family, all victims of an abusive father. Ziad takes refuge in music and writing song lyrics. When the situation at home becomes …

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EGYPT / The Aswan International Women’s Film Festival will honour Hala Khalil


During the 8th Aswan International Women’s Film Festival, from April 20th to 25th, there will be a tribute to Egyptian director Hala Khalil. Through her films Ms. Khalil has given us stories showing the struggles of Egyptian women for recognition, along with other social issues affecting the country. A good example is her 2015 feature …

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EGYPT / Watch It presents its special Ramadan programmes


The Egyptian video-on-demand platform, Watch It, has presented its schedules for Ramadan. Within a broad choice of programmes the platform highlights its new series Lahzet Ghadab. Written by Mohab Tarek and directed by Abdel Aziz El-Nagar, the cast of this thriller includes top actors such as Mohamed Shahin, Aly Kassem, Sarrah Abd El-Rahman, and Mohamed …

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