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FRANCE / Coming in 2022: film training in Martigues

1000 visages

The organisation 1000 visages is offering young people aged 16 to 30 a chance to access various film professions free and without conditions, whatever their economic, geographic or social situation. There are three teaching strands: acting, writing and directing. Created in 2006 by Houda Benyamina, director of the film “Divines”, 1000 visages is currently based …

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FRANCE / For its 10th year the Noisy-le-Sec Festival of Franco-Arab Film puts Palestine in the seat of honour

FFA 2021

Having been cancelled in 2021 because of the health crisis, the Franco-Arab Film Festival (FFFA) of Noisy-le-Sec ran from November 12th to 23rd. Since 2011 this annual event has supported “recent films by film-makers from Arab countries and French directors whose backgrounds and concerns are linked to those countries.” A total of 29 feature films, …

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FRANCE / “Hive” wins the Gold Antigone at the 2021 CINEMED

Affiche Cinemed 2021

Blerta Basholli’s “Hive” won the Antigone d’Or at the CINEMED festival in Montpellier, an award worth €15,000. Jury president Asia Argento explains their choice: “The film moved us with the courage of its words, the poignant interpretation of the actress who embodies, with such overwhelming strength, the tenacity of a woman who refuses to back …

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FRANCE / The Spanish version of France 24 now broadcast non-stop

France 24

The Spanish version of France 24 has been on air continuously since September 24th, with transmission rising from 12 hours a day to 24 – an opportunity for the French international news channel to present “a new morning show and even more news, magazines, reports and debates.” According to a press release the goal is …

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FRANCE LEBANON / Audrey Diwan’s “L’Évènement” wins the Golden Lion for Best Film at the 78th Venice Film Festival


“L’Évènement” (Happening), a film by French-Lebanese director Audrey Diwan, has won the Golden Lion, Venice Film Festival’s highest prize. Adapted from Annie Ernaux’ autobiographical novel published in 2000, it looks at the issue of illegal abortions in France in the 1960’s. Set in 1963, 12 years before the law forbidding abortions changed, the story follows …

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FRANCE / France24 and Figra’s Prix Coup de Pouce sign a partnership agreement


The 2021 Figra – the Festival International de Grand Reportage d’Actualité et du Documentaire de Société – was held in Douai, northern France, from September 29th to October 3rd. Created in 1993 by Georges Marque-Bouareten, Figra – also known as “the screens of reality” – focusses on reporters who keep us informed about the world, …

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FRANCE / “We are Lady Parts”, a BrutX sitcom overturning stereotypes

We are Lady Parts

Showing on the BrutX streaming platform, a British television comedy series, “We Are Lady Parts”, overturns the stereotypes of Muslim women on the screen. The series follows Amina: by day a shy, somewhat awkward doctoral student of microbiology but by night, secretly, a guitarist with a feminist punk rock group “Lady Parts”. Living with her …

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