TURKEY / Madd Entertainment markets six Turkish series across the MENA region

Madd Entertainment

The Turkish company Madd Entertainment is marketing six series in the MENA region (Middle East and North Africa). The region has become one of Madd’s main sales territories.

For Ateş İnce, Managing Director of Madd Entertainment, “The MENA region has always held a pivotal place in our strategy. These countries have a deep-rooted affinity with Turkish drama and their viewers demand excellence. With its first-rate series and responsiveness, Madd is exceptionally well equipped to meet this demand.”

Sales are aimed at free television channels and online streaming services from more than 20 countries in the region. Madd Entertainment’s series include Wild Heart, which follows a young man’s journey to escape his criminal past, My Wonderful Life about a young woman clawing her way up the social ladder, The Brave, Dirty Laundry, No Mercy, and Blooming Lady.

Madd Entertainment has adopted a strategy of broadcasting these series across the region straight after their launch in Turkey.

Madd Entertainment is a collaboration between Turkey’s two leading production companies: Medyapım and Ay Yapım.

Sources: Broadcast Pro, Madd Entertainment

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