ITALY / Candidate call for the 15th Terra di Tutti Film Festival

The 15th Terra di Tutti Film Festival (TTFF) will be held in Bologna and online from October 4th to 10th 2021.

Terra di Tutti Film Festival

The films must have been produced after January 1st 2018. The call for applications is open to short, medium and feature-length films, documentaries, animation, docu-dramas or web series, with no restrictions on the director’s age or nationality. To register, films must be submitted on the event’s FilmFreeWay page by May 30th and the consent form sent to

This year’s themes are “human rights, gender equity, discrimination, migration, humanitarian and environmental emergencies and the impact of the Covid 19 pandemic on society and the environment.”

4 awards and one special mention

Each year there are 4 awards worth €1,000, as well as the DAMSLAB special mention:

• the Benedetto Senni Award for the best film “dealing with the fight against poverty, the development and defence of natural resources, food sovereignty, sustainable and organic agriculture, access to water and migration.”

• the Giovanni Lo Porto Award is for documentaries showing “the efforts and resistance of men and women who do not hesitate in the face of violence and persecution, but who rather promote values ​​such as solidarity and respect for human rights, peace and freedom.”

• the Stories of Invisible Youth Award, for the best film telling “the stories of invisible young people, to support and strengthen the efforts of young authors exploring the challenges facing new generations.”

• the Invisible Voices of Women Award “for the best audiovisual creation on women’s issues”,

• And finally the Menzione DAMSLAB, an award given by first year students in Film Analysis at the University of Bologna.

Created fifteen years ago, the TTFF’s mission is to “give visibility to the reality of these countries, peoples and social struggles which are “invisible” in the mass media.”

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