SPAIN / CIMA IMPULSA encourages women film-makers

The Spanish Association of Women in Film and the Audiovisual Media (CIMA) has launched a new training programme to help women get into the audiovisual industry – CIMA IMPULSA. In particular it’s aimed at script-writers and producers to help them develop their projects. The initiative is similar to the one launched in mid-April, by the Festival de Cine por Mujeres.


The project is developed in partnership with Netflix and the Instituto de la Cinematografía y de las Artes Audiovisuales (ICAA). The American platform provides financial support and will also select up to three participants for its “female director shadowing programme”. The department of the Ministry of Culture also gives financial aid, calling on the heads of film and television production companies to help women directors present their projects in forums and markets.

CIMA IMPULSA is for films and series, either drama or documentary. For this year, ten projects will be selected. To register until June 18th click here.

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