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Although Italian cinemas should reopen on June 15th, Italian distributors continue to work together to keep their audiences. Their new initiative is called #iorestoinSALA (I’m staying in the cinema).


Behind the name are 71 exhibitors from across the country who want to create a new circuit of virtual cinemas to restore the link between the spectator and the big screen. To make it work they depend on a group of distributors offering their films online and in high quality. The founder of Milan’s Anteo cinema, Lionello Cerri, explains that “it’s a way for us, distributors and cultural operators, to work together in our chosen profession, which is based on sociability and constant liaison with the general public.” Spectators buy their tickets on a cinema’s web-site and receive a code corresponding to a seat in a virtual room. Thanks to the MyMovies platform, each cinema “projects” a specified film at fixed times. And with this system, no seating limit. Spectators can see and talk to each other via a chat. They can also listen to the directors and/or the actors of the films live after the screenings.

For Gian Luca Farinelli, manager of the Cineteca di Bologna, “it’s a project which has no owner and which was not created to make money, it was launched by people who believe in the institution of cinema – for me it’s something joyful above all.” The price varies between €3.5 and €7.9. All funds raised are donated to the pre-selected cinema and to the distributor. The screenings are also scheduled with live interviews with the directors and actors of the films.

Although for the moment the project concerns around 200 screens, other cinemas could join. The full list of cinemas can be found here.

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