SLOVENIA / Festival of Migrant Film opens its call for films


The call for films for the 14th Festival of Migrant Film is open until January 15th 2023.

The event is for international film-makers, video artists and activists working with refugees. Every type of production is accepted, regardless of genre, duration or year of production, but they must be subtitled in English or Slovenian.

The 14th Festival will take place from June 19th to 23rd next year in Ljubljana and other cities in the region. The organisers want to highlight issues and stories about migration, asylum and refugees’ personal experiences as part of World Refugee Day on June 20th. Each year the Festival has a different theme, last year it focused on asylum policies.

The festival is organized by Slovenian Philanthropy, an NGO created in 1992 with a mission to help vulnerable people.

Information about the festival and the call for films is available here.

Sources : Festival of Migrant Film, Slovenian Philanthropy

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