ROMANIA / The trans-media documentary “Government of Children II” starts post-production

Government of Children

Writer / director Ioana Mischie is currently in post-production on her trans-media documentary Government of Children II.

Produced by Studioset and Storyscapes, this project encourages children to express their view on the world’s problems – and also give possible solutions. In this ground-breaking concept, children from various ethnic, social and educational backgrounds in Romania but also other countries are invited to share their ideas and visions of society.

The director explains the origins of this documentary: “As a child, I imagined the government as a space of freedom where people of all ages, genders and professions are entitled to voice their opinion. In our society children don’t have the right to vote, but if listened to and taken seriously their vision can shape their own communities in new ways.”

Government of Children II is the direct sequel to the 3D documentary, Government of Children I, produced in 2019. It brings many new technical features including generating children’s mental images on computers. This sequel is expected sometime in 2024.

Sources : Government of Children, Film New Europe

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