ROMANIA / Romania Refund programme: the project call will soon be open


To attract international productions, Romania offers selected projects a 30% refund of expenses spent on its territory. The call for applications for the 2024-2026 programme will open on July 25th.

To be eligible, a production must comply with the rules laid down by the Office for Cinematographic and Cultural Investments (OFIC). A feature film of more than 60 minutes must spend a minimum of €100,000 in Romania; the same for each episode of a series; a documentary must spend €50,000 while shorts, animated series and animated films longer than 5 minutes must spend €15,000.

Applicants will also have to start their project in Romania within 60 days of the issuance of the certificate of eligibility, while filming must begin within a maximum of nine months.

According to an interview with FNE, OFIC Director Ana-Georgia Mirea said: “The primary aim of this programme is to support the development of the film production sector and attract local and international investments in the years to come.” The Minister of Culture, Raluca Turcan, estimates that over the period 2024-2026 the programme will bring €350 million into Romania.

Sources : OFIC, FNE

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