Romania / FILM+ unveils a selection of 15 projects


FILM+, a programme which finances films, has unveiled 15 selected projects.

FILM+ helps young directors of independent, low-budget films. Its programme is spread over several months, with invited professionals guiding the project leader on an artistic level and then providing them with technical resources, whatever stage of development the film is at.

This summer’s call for applications attracted more than 200 projects from Romania, Bulgaria, Moldova, Serbia and, for the first time, Ukraine. 15 films were selected: 2 documentaries, 10 short dramas, 1 animated short and 2 drama features.

To adapt to every need, the different projects are divided into three sections: the “Development” section is for projects still at the script stage; “Production” is for more advanced projects which already have resources allocated (production team, funding, etc.); and “Work in progress” provides post-production support during editing, mixing or even distribution.

Taking place over more than 8 months, this 7th edition is organized around face-to-face and online meetings, beginning this autumn with a residency in Bucharest. Participants will attend masterclasses, workshops and discussions led by well-known directors.

The list of projects selected is available on the FILM + web-site.

Sources: FILM +, Film New Europa

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