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FRANCE / The Marseille-based 13 productions wins many awards

The documentary series Nous ouvriers, produced by 13 Productions and broadcast last year on both France 3 and Histoire, has received several awards: The Syndicat Français de Cinéma et de Télévision awarded it the Best French Documentary Award At the Luchon Festival the series received the Audience Award for Best Documentary and the Documentary Jury …

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FRANCE / Filming a new episode of the Mary Higgins Clark collection in Marseille

The production company EuropaCorpTV is filming a new episode of the Mary Higgins Clark collection in Marseille for France 3. Adapted from the 2005 novel “No Place like Home”, the French title will be Rien ne vaut la douceur d’un foyer. Directed by Laurent Jaoui with a screenplay by Charlotte Paillieux and Kéthévane Davrichewy, this …

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FRANCE / Le Printemps du Film Engagé at Marseille

From May 20th to 25th, Marseille is hosting the Printemps du Film Engagé (Committed Film Spring), a new event which presents documentary films on social issues. The screenings are followed by discussions with film-makers, thinkers and others involved in social movements (Amis du Monde Diplo, ATTAC, LDH, CGT, FSU, Solidaires, Le Ravi, L’Humanité, La Marseillaise, …

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FRANCE / Festi’life: disability in short films at La Criée in Marseilles

On November 20th and 21st Marseilles is organizing the 2nd Festi’life – the International Festival of Short Films on Disability,. 28 films from 13 countries, made from 1998 to the present, will be screened at the Théâtre de La Criée. They include Delphine Gleize‘s “Sale bâtard”, 2000 César for Best Short Film and Adam Elliot‘s …

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FRANCE / Marseille : “Bonne mère” begins filming in early 2016

In early 2016 “Bonne mère”, the first film by actress Hafsia Herzi, will begin shooting in Marseille’s northern districts. Set in a housing estate, the film follows “Nora, a woman in her sixties with inexhaustible energy, watching over her family, her children and their friends.” “Bonne mère” is produced by Abdellatif Kechiche (Quat’sous Films). He …

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FRANCE / “Marseille” – the series – in production

Shooting “Marseille”, the first French series produced by the US giant Netflix, began on August 31st – in Marseille. The series, presented as a French “House of Cards”, will consist of eight 42-minute episodes, directed by Florent Emilio Siri, Thomas Gilou and Dominique Carrara. The audience will find themselves immersed in an electoral battle of …

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#Openmymed : Mediterranean Fashion Biennale in Marseille

The CMCA is a partner of #Openmymed, the Fashion Mediterranean Biennale which will be held in Marseille in 2016. For its first digital communication campaign, within 12 days, over 6,000 people supported this Mediterranean creative momentum on Facebook. Since 2010, the Maison Méditerranéenne de la Mode (MMMM) has discovered 50 young talents, 34 laureates of the Mediterranean …

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