#Openmymed : Mediterranean Fashion Biennale in Marseille

biennale_2016The CMCA is a partner of #Openmymed, the Fashion Mediterranean Biennale which will be held in Marseille in 2016.

For its first digital communication campaign, within 12 days, over 6,000 people supported this Mediterranean creative momentum on Facebook.

Since 2010, the Maison Méditerranéenne de la Mode (MMMM) has discovered 50 young talents, 34 laureates of the Mediterranean Fashion Prize (MFP) coming from 11 Mediterranean countries, and 16 laureates from the M Major contest in Marseille. From May to August 2016, those 50 designers will become the “curators” of a novel and original journey#OPENMYMED, between the different Mediterranean cultures : a creative mosaic brought together by a varied cultural mix and shared heritage, produced by Olivier Massart.

At the beginning of 2016, the CMCA, throughout its “New Writings and New Medias” training workshop, will give its trainees coming from Mediterranean televisions members of the CMCA the opportunity to shoot short reports on the designers settled in several districts from Marseille. Those reports will be added to the “work-in-process” web documentary “Marseille Méditerranée Multimedia”, a walk through the Mediterranean capitals.

See more on the Mediterranean Fashion Biennale in Marseille here.

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