MOROCCO SYRIA / Three films from Morocco and Syria sweep the board at the Oued-Noun Festival

The 9th Oued-Noun Film Festival poster © MAP Express

The 9th Oued-Noun Film Festival was organized online from February 26th to 28th. Usually it takes place in southern Morocco, on the edge of the Sahara in the city of Guelgim. This year’s jury was chaired by Laurine Bauby, a French actress and director, accompanied by Moroccan actress Latefa Ahrar and Tunisian academic Wassim Korbi.

“Icarus”, one of the winners of this year’s edition

The 3 awards went to films by Moroccan and Syrian directors. The Best International Short Film Award went to “Azzyara” (Visit) by director Amrou Ali, the Best Short Documentary Award to Sanaa El Alaoui’s “Icarus” (shown at the 2020 PriMed) and the National Short Film Award to Mustapha Farmati’s The Last Wave.

The Oued-Noun Film Festival, a support for young filmmakers in the country

The Oued-Noun Film Festival, organized in the Sahara region, “highlights the role of culture and the arts in emancipating young people, providing training in film professions and encouraging their openness to experiences from elsewhere.”

During the opening ceremony festival director Slimane Bourouine reminded his audience of the role the festival plays in Moroccan culture and the role of the arts generally in the country’s development. Founded by the Association des Jeunes Créateurs de Guelmim, the festival fosters the film-making talents of the country’s younger generation, with workshops on film techniques, conferences and a photography competition.

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