MOROCCO BULGARIA / Moroccan presence at the Sofia International Film Festival


Morocco was represented at the 24th Sofia International Film Festival (FIFS) which closed on October 15th. This year’s Festival marks the fiftieth anniversary of the Organization Internationale de la Francophonie (OIF), and to celebrate, the organisers put together a special programme: “Francophonie 50”. It opened in the presence of the Moroccan Ambassador to Sofia, the chair of the Groupe des Ambassadeurs Francophones, the Director of FIFS and the head of the OIF’s Central and Eastern Europe Office.

A preview of Maryam Touzani’s Franco-Belgian-Moroccan co-production Adam by Maryam Touzani was screened at the Maison du Cinéma. This celebration of French-language films highlighted works from some twenty French-speaking countries. Produced or co-produced by the OIF’s members, they were graphic examples of the Organisation’s values: spreading peace, tolerance, human rights, gender equality, the right to education, solidarity and cultural diversity.

There were 14 films in the “Francophonie 50” programme, including Mehdi Barsaoui’s Un fils (Tunisie), François Ozon’s Par la grâce de Dieu (France) and Dieu existe, son nom est Petunia by Teona Mitevska (North Macedonia).

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