TUNISIA / Projects selected for the Chabaka and Takmil workshops

This year’s Journées Cinématographiques de Carthage (JCC) will run from December 18th to 23rd. As part of the event there will be two workshops, Chabaka and Takmil, taking place from December 16th to 18th.

The Takmil Workshop is for projects in post-production. Since its creation in 2014 it has supported 44 projects. The Chabaka Workshop is for support during development. The workshop became competitive in 2018 and has since enabled 9 projects to find finance.


This year 7 projects have been selected for each workshop, including 5 Mediterranean projects in the Chabaka selection and 5 in the Takmil selection.

The Mediterranean films chosen for the 31st JCC’s Chabaka Workshop are:
Le Cirque Soufi by Deema Dabis (Jordan), Richter by Mohamed Kheidr (Egypt), Angle mort by Lotfi Achour (Tunisia), Grain de beauté by Amine Boukhris (Tunisia), and Les Saisons by Moufida Fedhila (Tunisia).

The Mediterranean films chosen for the 31st JCC’s Takmil Workshop are:
L’Oliveraie (Hajer) by Anis Djaad (Algeria), We are inside by Farah Kassem (Lebanon), Rien sur ma mère by Latifa Doghri (Tunisia), Streams by Mehdi Hmili (Tunisia), and La Méduse noire by Ismaël and Youssef Chebbi (Tunisia).

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