MOROCCO / “Autisto”, first co-production between Morocco, Israel and the United States

Franco-Moroccan director Jérôme Cohen Olivar has given the first details of his upcoming film “Autisto” in an interview with the Moroccan news channel Le360.

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Autisto” is about Ronit, a Jewish woman from Tel Aviv, and her long fight for her autistic and epileptic child. When yet another epileptic seizure sends her son to hospital, Ronit seems to have no choice but to have her son permanently interned there. In desperation she takes him to Essaouira, Morocco, to find the tomb of Rabbi Haim Pinto, praying for a miracle.

Like his earlier film “L’Orchestre de Minuit”, this story is also very close to Olivar’s heart, himself the father of an autistic child.

His new production is part of “a dream of bringing Morocco and Israel closer together,” a step towards a “cinema without borders”. 

Filming is scheduled for 2021 in Morocco, Israel and New York, with a cast yet to be announced. The actors also come from those 3 countries.

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