MIDDLE EAST / Project for a film about urban planning and identity

Two Frenchmen living in Marseille, Youri Cayron, an artist and Romain Rivalan, production manager and cameraman, are currently finishing “Ask The Birds”, a feature film shot in Israel and the West Bank. Editing is now complete and a crowd-funding campaign has been launched to find finance for the post-production.
During two trips in 2014 and 2015, the two authors of this feature-length film somewhere between a documentary and a visual poem, have looked closely at “the insatiable need to build” in a region where urban planning is becoming increasingly lawless. “Ask The Birds” analyses how men take possession of the world around them, revealing “the complexity of building a collective and individual identity,” in the specific context of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
So during the 90-minute film Youri Cayron and Romain Rivalan visit a dozen cities with very different characteristics, from the very modern to the more traditional, and question both locals and professionals about these planning and identity issues.
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