TUNISIA / Madame Prod launches a project call to women directors

Madame Prod has launched a project call for women directors needing finance for their first feature.

Madame Prod and “Le cinéma au féminin

Madame Prod

Created in 2019 by Franco-Tunisian film-maker Ismahane Lahmar, Madame Prod defines itself as “an audiovisual production entity with social and unifying values.”

Supported by the Drosos Foundation, the Goethe-Institut and the Institut Français de Tunisie, Madame Prod has set up “Le Cinéma Au Féminin” to support women in the film industry. The aim is to facilitate access to the various film professions and achieve parity on film sets. The training they offer gives women the chance to follow the progress of a real film project from preparation to distribution.

Twice a year the programme gives 5 months training, free, to a team of women from disadvantaged backgrounds who do not have access to the film professions.

The founder Ismahane Laher © Cinéma O Féminin

Le Cinéma Au Féminin” is organized into 3 parts:

  • a month of preparation during which the 10 participants receive support and training specific to their chosen department: costume, make-up, hairdressing, writing, directing, production, editing or sound
  • three weeks of filming follow. This year’s first session of “Cinéma Au Feminine” saw the production of “J’irai au diable” by Ismahane Lahmar
  • finally, 2 months of post-production offer a programme of round tables, seminars, master classes and distribution workshops.

The project call for female directors

For this new session, Madame Prod specifically calls on female directors to apply. The person chosen will be supervised and supported by a team of professional film technicians. The previously-trained participants will work on this new film project alongside new recruits.

The conditions for applying are:

  • Being a director
  • Having already made at least one short film
  • Having a feature film script already written in which the leading role is female

Applications must be submitted before August 15th to lamadameprod@gmail.com. A committee of professionals will choose the project, which will be produced in 2022 with technical and artistic support.

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