LEBANON / Beirut DC unveils its Funding Guide for Arab Producers

The Funding Guide for Arab Producers lists information on all the international funds and industry platforms to which Arab producers can apply for their film projects.

It includes funds and markets in Europe and the United States which encourage co-productions with Arab countries. With regard to Arab national funds and platforms, the guide lists only those funds which are open to national projects or projects from foreign producers. The various types of funding are divided into three sections: development aids, production aids and post-production aids.

The Funding Guide for Arab Producers was produced by Beirut DC, a cultural association which helps the development of independent Arab cinema, in partnership with Terr.so, one of the few Arabic web-sites for film and broadcasting. It was compiled by Irit Neidhardt, documentary film producer and distributor.

A true resource document, it is available online for download, in English, at this address:


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