Jordan / The Royal Film Commission opens a Film Centre at Karak

On April 11th Jordan’s Royal Film Commission (RFC) announced that it had signed a one-year memorandum of understanding with the Creativity Club of Al Karak to create a Film Centre in Karak. It was signed by Mohannad Al Bakri, the RFC’s general manager, and Husam Tarawneh, director of Al Karak’s Creativity Club.

Royal Film Commission

The new centre joins seven other film centres managed by the RFC in various Jordanian towns, including Irbid, Mafras, Salt, Zarqa, Aqaba, Petra and Wadi Rum. RFC has organized a total of 350 workshops and 370 seminars in the various centres.

This new centre provides education and entertainment areas for the younger generation, as well as a space for training workshops in audiovisual techniques. There will be free screenings of Arab and international films, plus a fully equipped film bus to create a different educational environment which meets the demands of today’s film and television industry.

Both parties express their enthusiasm for the project. According to Mohannad Al Bakri, “we believe in the importance of these centres, encouraging film production in local communities as a viable growing industry, as a career and a tool for self-expression […]. We look forward to the ideas and creativity which the local community in Karak will offer […].”Hussam Tarawneh added “we consider it a step forward and an enlargement of our programmes in the field of the arts […], they encourage critical thinking, improving the skills and abilities of young people interested in photography, film editing and directing.

Sources: Jordan News, RFC

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