ITALY / Many new things for the Integrazione Film Festival

The festival “C’è tempo per…l’integrazione” has changed its name for this 13th edition, and becomes the Integrazione Film Festival. Based in Bergamo and Sarnico (Italy), the festival programmes films about integration, identity and intercultural relations. Five days are devoted to these issues, with screenings and events taking place from Wednesday 10th  to Sunday 14th April.

The festival is organized around two international competitions: a section for documentary features, with five films in competition, and a section of short drama and documentary films, with 10 selected. The programming consists of Italian and non-Italian productions, all produced between 2017 and 2019.

The chosen films show different types of integration: between populations of different cultures and nationalities, between members of the same family, between communities. Each film presents a positive experience in an increasingly complex and multicultural social reality.

Indovina chi ti porto per cena by Amin Nour, an Italian director of Somali origin, opens the festival. Featured documentaries include Claudio Casale’s My Tyson, Micaela Zurita Poma’s short film Flying Roots, and Alessandro Negrini’s Tides – A History of Lives and Dreams Lost and Found (Some Broken). At the end of the screenings, the members of the jury will give two awards: Best Documentary and Best Short Drama.

Laura Resta, manager of the cultural space Cooperativa Ruah and organizer of the event, gave some details on the festival’s evolution: “We decided to invest resources to help the festival grow, both in terms of quality and visibility: this year, we have the collaboration of Lab 80 films and the support of several new partners in social cooperation. (…) Films allow us to confront and deepen the issue of integration with a new, positive, cultural and artistic angle, leaving behind the clichés of emergency or the social services.”

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