ITALY / Cinema Vivo, the new ZaLab project

During lockdown ZaLab launched Cinema Vivo, an attempt to maintain aspects of normal life despite the isolation caused by COVID. From the many films received, the association chose 25.

Vivo ZaLab

That was the first phase. The second required the participation of Internet users. In fact Cinema Vivo is a crowdfunding project to support civil and participatory cinema. The selected films and projects, with their summaries, are online on the ZalABB streaming platform. Until July 15th people could vote for a film or project, helping finance it by making a donation. They could do this simply by registering and connecting to the streaming site. Free registration allowed them to vote, whereas participatory (paid) registration gives access to the entire ZalABB catalogue.

Internet users could vote for between three and six films. The five projects with the most votes won a support grant: a donation from the Vulcano Agency and a percentage of the subscriptions and donations made to ZalABB in June.

Voting closed on July 15th.

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