FRANCE / Free increases its offer of Arabic channels for Ramadan

As well as the 28 channels in Arabic already available, Free is offering access to 15 new channels in Arabic for Ramadan 2021.

Free Offre Ramadan

The complete list of new channels offered:

  • Asharq News 
  • 580 Gulli Bil Arabi
  • 682 Watania Djazareia
  • 683 Watania 2
  • 674 Hannibal
  • 686 MBC 5
  • 687 MBC+ Drama
  • 688 ART Al Hekayat 1
  • 689 ART Aflam 1 
  • 681 DMC Drama
  • 655 Al Nas
  • 656 Al Rahma
  • 657 Al Insen
  • 658 Al nada

Free is also launching several Ramadan packs: Arabia PackArabia StarterArabia MaxMusulmanMusulman Max.

Arabia Pack: “offers a set of Arabic channels to all lovers of Eastern culture, from the Middle East to North Africa. With dramas, news, discussions, musical programmes, children’s programmes, the Arabia Pack offers a range of programmes for every taste.”

Muslim Pack: “is dedicated to Muslim families, with a programme rich in diversity and learning. It includes Muslim, cultural and religious television channels, to delve into the teachings of Islam, its values of tolerance, love and acceptance of others.”

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