FRANCE / France24 and Figra’s Prix Coup de Pouce sign a partnership agreement


The 2021 Figra – the Festival International de Grand Reportage d’Actualité et du Documentaire de Société – was held in Douai, northern France, from September 29th to October 3rd.

Created in 1993 by Georges Marque-Bouareten, Figra – also known as “the screens of reality”focusses on reporters who keep us informed about the world, “with seriousness and passion, sometimes risking their lives.” Figra organisers want to open a window on the world by celebrating the past year’s best reports. This year France24 is teaming up with Figra’s Prix Coup de Pouce award which enables a young director to complete a film project. France24 will guarantee a pre-purchase or co-production deal for the future broadcast of the winning film.

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