FRANCE / Release of “Leopardi, Il giovane favoloso”

leopardiOn April 8th Italian director Mario Martone’s “Leopardi, Il giovane favoloso” was released in cinemas. The film is a biopic about the poet and child prodigy Giacomo Leopardi. “Born into an aristocratic family, he grew up under the merciless gaze of his father. Forced to study in the vast family library, he escaped by writing and poetry. But Europe was changing: there are revolutions and Giacomo breaks away from his ultraconservative father’s yoke. An unhappy genius, ironic and rebellious, he became Italy’s best known poet after Dante.” The film has won the Golden Tamouda in the feature film category at the 21st Tetouan International Mediterranean Film Festival, which took place from March 28th to April 4th.

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