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prix_italiaThe Italia Prize is innovating !

From September 19th to 24th in Turin

For the past 67 years the Italia Prize has supported and highlighted all genres of creativity and quality in the media.

True to this mission, and aware that society and technology are always evolving, the Prix Italia has decided to create two new awards this year: the Prix Italia Golden Award for new radio formats and the Prix Italia Golden Award for international TV co-productions.

The new radio / audio formats award will be given to the programme with the most innovative but also most provocative features, the idea being to reward audacity and originality. There are no restrictions for type, duration or platform – a programme may be conceived and produced only for streaming and podcast, or could be made up of archive material. The competition is open to everyone: broadcasters, members of the Prix Italia, independent producers, etc. Registration is free, the winner will receive €7,000 gross.

The Golden Award for international television co-productions is for programmes made as co-productions between any Prix Italia member organization and a broadcaster from a different country – or indeed any other partner, such as an independent producer, institution or sponsor.

This year the internet competition is open to everyone, not only to Prix Italia members (radio and television broadcasters) but any non-member, for example agencies or media and communication companies or producers of audio / video content on the Net.

The 2015 internet competition is divided into two categories:

– Best Transmedia Project (a project made for the internet offering a complex and structured transmedia / crossmedia experience to enrich a broadcast programme (radio or TV), a theme channel or any other initiative arising directly from the internet);

– Best Digital Storytelling (digital storytelling projects made for the internet). This category is for drama (eg. web-series, etc.) and non-fiction (eg. web-documentaries, etc.).

To encourage new and digital technologies, the registration fee for the competitions (allowing 4 projects to be submitted – 2 in each category) has been reduced this year to €300.

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