LEBANON FRANCE / Launch of “NAFAS”, a programme to support Lebanese artists

The Institut français, the Association des Centres Culturels de Rencontre (ACCR) and the French Institute in the Lebanon have joined forces to offer residencies in France to 100 Lebanese working professionally in the creative sectors. Co-financed by the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Culture, “NAFAS”, as the emergency programme is called (“breath” in Arabic), will help artists, creators and professionals of Lebanese culture develop creative and/or research projects in every area of contemporary creation.

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To be eligible, candidates must:

  • have been resident in Lebanon for at least five years and work within Lebanese territory
  • have a sufficient level in French and/or English
  • show previous work
  • provide proof of professional experience in the artistic field concerned
  • be free of professional commitments during the entire period of the residency
  • not have applied for other current residency schemes run by the Institut français, the Association des Centres Culturels de Rencontre or the French Institute of Lebanon.

There is no age limit. Registration is open until April 30th.

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